…but Mr. Spielberg wasn’t available, so…

As the director of Style-Arrival Ltd, I usually have plenty to be getting on with during my business day – sweeping the floor, making cups of tea, cleaning the toilets and so forth, therefore I enjoy my leisure time and try to make the most of it. However our boffins (and if you’ve read our News & Updates page, you’ll know that they are the ones in the corner of the office firing Higgs Boson particles at each other with pea shooters made from biros) have told me that writing a blog might be a little more of a constructive use of my free time than playing golf and yachting off the coast of Monaco. Seeing as I neither play golf nor own a yacht, I agreed, cancelled my synchronised swimming class and set to work preparing my first entry.

I’ve been told that I should be writing short-ish articles which are informative, motivational, captivating, factual, amusing and inspiring fairly regularly. I said that I would struggle to achieve that just once, never mind regularly and received a biro to the side of my head for my trouble!

So I have been feverishly slaving away in my office at home (the cupboard under the stairs) to produce my first post and plan out some content for future entries as well. There’s likely to be business tips, special offers, trade secrets, inspirational quotes and probably some nonsensical rambling thrown in for good measure. Feel free to make your own judgement and leave a comment or two!

I hope that you’ll enjoy reading this as much as I’ve enjoyed being locked in a windowless room and repeatedly poked with a sharp sti…. er.. I mean composing these articles of my own free will!

For now, it’s back to work as normal for me. Milk and sugar?


Ben King – Managing Director, Style-Arrival Ltd.