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Tonight’s forecast: Dark. Continued dark overnight, with widely scattered light by morning.

It’s that time of the month again, so brace yourself and get ready for another blog update!

During this month I’ve noticed very sporadic weather conditions from the little window in the cardboard box that the boffins use as an office, it’s as if the cycle of the 4 seasons have been squashed into the span of a week, and by 4 seasons I mean 3 seasons, this is Britain after all and we don’t have the sun long enough to consider it a full season.

Because of this we get ever-so-slightly envious of the people we take to the airport to get away from the bad weather. We do wonder if customers pick up on this when we interrogate them in a friendly manner about the holiday they’ve just been on or are heading towards. Saying that, no one seems to mind, in fact we think asking in such a manner improves our relationship with the customers.

We have a full spectrum of emotions that we do share with clients as well as slightly envious!! We do take pride and show care for example. We take comfort in the fact we’ve made a portion of the transport for our customers fast, easy and enjoyable, making one of the more stressful lengths of the journey better. We have been told by some that the airport transfer service we provide is when their holiday begins.

Passengers are collected from their chosen address and gently whisked away to the relevant Airport. Whilst our prices are very competitive, the value is phenomenal! The vehicles have privacy glass in the rear and a hamper for long distance transfers. Chilled bottled water is provided and the ashtrays are stuffed with mints/sweets. Your choice of newspaper or magazine awaits and an iPad with internet connectivity, as all the vehicles can carry WiFi. This can be used to entertain the children or catch up on the latest tweets (so the boffins tell me!).

So why not spend an extra £20 (based on Manchester) and have all this in a beautiful car with a smartly presented and trained chauffeur that will ensure your holiday starts the moment you leave the house? If you aren’t absolutely made up with the service I shall give you the £20 back myself!! (What’s this, a taxi company with an Argos style guarantee?) We believe in what we sell and that is a Reliable, Friendly Professional service, second to none. We offer things that others don’t because of that belief and we haven’t had to refund anyone on that guarantee in over 7 years!! This is what we do, Places People Together

Another innovation we employ is to offer discounted transfers for the empty vehicle that are returning from an airport, so you could grab a bargain and save 50% off the list price. See our Empty Legs page on the website.

If there are more than 2 travelling it is cheaper than catching a train!! So why not pick up the phone, get a quote and give the boffins something to do. A decision that thousands have made and never regretted – let us take you and the stress.

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  1. Wow, that’s a great offer for the business people who travel around the cities often. It’s really a tough ask to manage the transport. Airport transfer service allow the people to make their travel plans with ease and comfort.

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