MD takes on bike ride challenge!

We are extremely proud to announce that our MD has decided to give up the comfort of his Mercedes and is replacing his four wheels with two and a rather uncomfortable seat, all in the name of charity!

On Saturday 31st August he will be doing a 15 mile bike ride around the Navenby area to raise money for Sophie Stainthorp. He is currently looking for sponsors, remember every little helps, so if you’re feeling generous then give us a call today on 01522 821 632 to arrange a donation! For further information please email or check our facebook page for more details!

Remember to pop along to the First Timers Pre-School Nursery on the day to show your support and make those last minute sponsorships, we’ll be there cheering him and all the other participants on! The ride starts at 10am and there will be food and drinks provided, with all proceeds going to the Stainthorp family and their chosen charities.

On behalf of myself and the rest of the Style-Arrival team, good luck to everyone taking part!

Executive Transport From Lincoln to London

Earlier this month we were asked to take 9 young girls down to London on behalf of the YMCA. These girls had been given the opportunity to meet with local MPs and to have a private tour around the Houses of Parliament.  Always willing to help the local community we happily agreed to be involved.

Our Luxury Mini Coach was washed and polished, our hampers were stocked and a supply of newspapers was bought- the same process we go through when preparing for all our journeys.  We arrived at the departure zone with plenty of time to spare.

The journey to London ran smoothly, the girls were entertained with our onboard Wi-Fi and twin screened DVD player. The hamper contained plenty of healthy snacks and refreshments to keep everyone’s energy levels up for the day ahead of them and there was a supply of tea and coffee flowing from our onboard facilities.

Once we had arrived at the Houses of Parliament we arranged a pick up location for their return and gave them a direct line to the driver, so that should their day finish earlier than expected, or if the tour took longer, we could arrange their return time for their convenience.

The return journey began around 16:30- Rush Hour! But this wasn’t a problem. Our office team keep track of traffic situations for all our jobs and were able to notify the driver if any issues arose. Mid return the nightmare of flat phone batteries became a reality, but not to worry, we carry a range of in-vehicle phone chargers which plug in conveniently near the passenger’s seats.

All in all the girls had a fantastic experience, and we were delighted to have been part of it. We look forward to working with the YMCA and charities across Lincolnshire in the future.

If you have an event or transport requirements for large parties, then please think of Style-Arrival Ltd and our Luxury Mini Coach. It is perfect for all occasions.



Richard III and Scoliosis

Recently we got a call from a young girl to organise transport for a charity event she was planning. Because it was for charity we invited her into our office to work out a deal regarding transport.

That same girl walked into our offices that afternoon only wanting transport for her event, she walked out an hour later with transport, a Sponsor, a website and a team of staff who are willing to take time out of their busy schedule to help her achieve her goal of running a charity no matter the cost.

When Jess told us her story and her dream of becoming a registered charity we just had to help her. Aged just 12 she underwent a major operation to correct a severe curvature of her spine caused by an illness called Scoliosis. Unfortunately she suffered complications and was told it was highly unlikely she would ever walk again.

Against all odds Jess fought, she is now back on her feet, finishing her G.C.S.E’s and setting up a new charity- Scolio- so that she can help other children stand tall.

What does this have to do with Richard III?

Following his recent discovery in a car park in Leicester, historians around the world now have hard evidence of his curvature of the spine (exaggerated and best portrayed in Shakespear’s famous play). The publicity he has received has made Scoliosis a household subject. Jess wants to do the same.

Jess set up Scolio for two reasons

1)      To grant gifts and wishes to children around the UK suffering from Scoliosis and other serious illnesses

2)      To generate awareness of Scoliosis, introduce checks into schools and help diagnosis so that children can receive treatment sooner


In order to achieve her aims Jess has organised a Charity Ball at Jocasta’s in Lincolnshire. The event is sure to be a fantastic evening helping her to raise money so that she can continue to grant wishes and help children stand tall across the UK. But she needs your support. If you are at a loose end on the 11th of May, buy a ticket and come join us for an evening of food, entertainment and supporting such an inspirational young girl.

We have also set up an event to help Jess raise money to grant wishes. The Award Winning Market Rasen Resdev Band will be playing an event on the 21st April to celebrate St George’s day. Come join us for a night of bunting, flag waving and celebrating all things British!

For more information about the Charity visit her website or her facebook page

Information about the event can be found here

For information and advice about Scoliosis please visit Jess’ forum here.