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Empty Legs

In many cases a one way journey returns to base without passengers- this is known as dead mileage.  The empty legs scheme is a way of utilising this dead mileage. This concept is not entirely new, it has been used across the Airline Industry, offering incentives to frequent flyers such as reduced fares or free upgrades.  Style-Arrival believes this scheme should be introduced to all areas of the transport industry. We hope this will be invaluable to both businesses making many corporate journeys, as well as individuals looking to save money.

What does this mean for you?

Whether you are looking for a one off journey, or a business who books hundreds of trips a year, our Empty Legs scheme could be of benefit.  You could save up to 50% off the typical journey price.  Whether it’s for a corporate journey, airport journey or any other transport need you might have.

Search our twitter feed or offers page and when you see an Empty Leg you would like to take advantage of simply contact us. If you have your eye on one of our empty legs, but it differs slightly from the transport you need, contact us. Small adjustments usually incur no additional charge.


Executive Transport From Lincoln to London

Earlier this month we were asked to take 9 young girls down to London on behalf of the YMCA. These girls had been given the opportunity to meet with local MPs and to have a private tour around the Houses of Parliament.  Always willing to help the local community we happily agreed to be involved.

Our Luxury Mini Coach was washed and polished, our hampers were stocked and a supply of newspapers was bought- the same process we go through when preparing for all our journeys.  We arrived at the departure zone with plenty of time to spare.

The journey to London ran smoothly, the girls were entertained with our onboard Wi-Fi and twin screened DVD player. The hamper contained plenty of healthy snacks and refreshments to keep everyone’s energy levels up for the day ahead of them and there was a supply of tea and coffee flowing from our onboard facilities.

Once we had arrived at the Houses of Parliament we arranged a pick up location for their return and gave them a direct line to the driver, so that should their day finish earlier than expected, or if the tour took longer, we could arrange their return time for their convenience.

The return journey began around 16:30- Rush Hour! But this wasn’t a problem. Our office team keep track of traffic situations for all our jobs and were able to notify the driver if any issues arose. Mid return the nightmare of flat phone batteries became a reality, but not to worry, we carry a range of in-vehicle phone chargers which plug in conveniently near the passenger’s seats.

All in all the girls had a fantastic experience, and we were delighted to have been part of it. We look forward to working with the YMCA and charities across Lincolnshire in the future.

If you have an event or transport requirements for large parties, then please think of Style-Arrival Ltd and our Luxury Mini Coach. It is perfect for all occasions.